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AFDEX_English manual 英文手冊
AFDEX_English manual 英文手冊 值班編輯 AG8国际大厅登录行政部
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The figure on the front cover is a symbolic representation of the hot forging process with the M standing for an upper die, the S a lower die, and the F a workpiece deformed from a simple cylinderical billet. The initial temperature of each is respectively 500, 200, and 1200° C. The axi-symmetric process producing the letter F is also made out of the acronym for Metal Forming Simulation (MFS). The figure suggests what MFS can do. It can simulate not only metal flow lines and temperature distribution but also various state variables including stresses, strains, strain-rates, die pressures and stresses, die wears, forming loads, damages andthe like.

MFS technologies replaced costly and time-consuming trialand-error approaches in metal forming processes two decades ago. MFS technologies have led to innovations in metal-forming process design, and their influence now extends even to quality control of metal-formed products, as well as to cost reduction and productivity enhancement in the development of metal-forming processes. In the near future, major customers of automobiles manufacturers may demand simulation results before purchasing metal-formed products.